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Recruiting Head of Marketing and React.js Developer for Digital Marketing Agency Malinovsky


Malinovsky Digital Agency sought our assistance in sourcing key talents to fill two crucial roles: Head of Marketing and React.js Developer. The task was urgent, we had 3 weeks to search.


Our team quickly embarked on the search. We employed a comprehensive approach, combining active searches through LinkedIn and job sites with sourcing from our database of past projects. This strategy enabled us to swiftly identify and connect with potential candidates.


For each position, we presented 4-5 qualified candidates, meticulously selected by our specialists. Our company's CEO, Igor Kochetov, personally participated in the recruitment process and interaction with Malinovsky Digital Agency. The structured resumes and detailed profiles we provided helped the client save time on candidate review and expedited the decision-making process on which candidates would proceed to the interview stage. After resume screening and conducting interviews, the client settled on two candidates who were successfully hired. The efficiency and speed of our work allowed us to fill the vacancies ahead of schedule.

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