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Team Recruitment for Ericsson Nikola Tesla Major IT Project


The next stage of cooperation with Ericsson Nikola Tesla resumed in September 2020. Read about the previous stage in our case study.

The new task was much bigger. Recruitment of personnel for the opening R&D office for a large project "Process Automation in the National Health System". It was about searching and selecting candidates for 8 types of different IT positions:

  • Solution Architect.
  • Project Manager.
  • Frontend Developer.
  • Java Developer.
  • Database Administrator.
  • Business Intelligence/Data Integration Developer.
  • System Administrator/System Integrator.
  • Office Assistant.


Some positions required 4-5 specialists. A total of 16 vacancies had to be filled.


On our side, 3 employees were involved. The work was characterized by deep immersion in the technical details of the project, in general, and the job description, in particular. In the course of the work about 10 video conferences with the customer representatives were held. 

Candidate sourcing sources:
Linkedin, job sites, candidates from previous projects, direct recommendations. 

The client's interviews with candidates were conducted with the participation of our recruiters.


There were 5-6 relevant candidates for each vacancy. A total of 16 vacancies were closed. The whole process lasted about 4.5 months.

Result in numbers

resumes found and reviewed
offers sent to candidates
interviews conducted
candidates interviewed at the client
candidates received Job Offer
candidates started work